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 I had a fantastic pregnancy. Some of this was due to genetics and good luck but a lot was down to Deirdre and her range of lovely treatments. From the moment you meet Deirdre you feel like you’ve made a good friend and you are in great hands. I would recommend reflexology and acupuncture to anyone as they really help so much with the little aches and pains, odd symptoms and emotional ups and downs that you experience during your 9 months and afterwards. I think it’s a must for any pregnancy.






When I was pregnant, I heard that research had shown that reflexology reduced your labour time. Willing to try anything, I searched for a reputable provider. I had reflexology before but only in hotels/spas and wanted to find a genuine practitioner whom I would be happy to attend for an extended period while pregnant. In addition, I had experienced severe sciatica before and was concerned that it might return in pregnancy so I wanted someone who could provide both treatments. 


I heard of Holistic Harmony from a work colleague, who in turn had actually heard from an acquaintance on the train. I attended Deirdre in Holistic Harmony for around 12 treatments during my pregnancy and was amazed at how knolwedgeable she was and how relaxing her treatments were. In fact, I realised that hers was genuine reflexology (not just a foot massage!) with the ability to detect and soothe tensions and imbalances. It worked too - my sciatica did not return and I had a four hour labour (first child). My husband even started to attend her for massage on an ongoing back problem and agrees that it is the most effective he has ever had. I thoroughly recommend Holistic Harmony for massage, reflexology and acupuncture.





I got a terrible sinus infection when I was pregnant and neither the doctor nor the dentist could help me. A friend suggested acupuncture and I went to see Deirdre. To say she helped is an understatement, she was amazing! I was nervous having never had it done before but Deirdre immediately made me feel at ease with her quiet professionalism and gentle approach. The sinus headache I had had for the previous five days cleared within hours of the treatment, and Deirdre's face massage, which focused on the sinus pressure points if I'm correct, was pure heaven. I subsequently returned to Deirdre throughout my pregnancy and again after I gave birth when I got another bout of sinusitis, which she also cleared up. I couldn't recommend her highly enough, thanks Deirdre!






  It was through a colleague at work that I found out about Deirdre and her business in 2006. My first visit with her enabled us both to establish what I needed from the treatments that were on offer, namely Reflexology and Acupuncture. Both of which I may add I had never tried before and I was not (and still not) very fond of needles


Deirdre made me feel clam and very relaxed during our first chat, my initial visit was for a number of reasons: to help conceive, relax and curiosity behind it all, ultimately I was interested in an alternative method for pregnancy and beyond.


The movements and techniques during both the Reflexology and the Acupuncture I found to be calming and enabled me to completely relax and “cut free” from any worries I may have had.


I got married in 2008, and shortly after became pregnant with my first baby. I decided to continue with the reflexology treatments during the term of the pregnancy. I found that after each session I would be relaxed and was guaranteed a very good night or few nights’ sleep after. The reflexology helped to get rid of small possible problems like kidney infection, chest cold coming etc.


I found that some of the various movements would in fact encourage the baby to move or just “chill out” like I was. I would also make the point that the treatments helped me to focus on the baby during the delivery, as I firmly believe that the reflexology I got during the pregnancy helped me to achieve a few things during the delivery, I became more aware of my breathing, I even got Deirdre to apply movements to areas concentrating to encourage baby to be born.  My baby was born in July 2010 a very quiet, content and chilled out little man; I do believe that the treatments helped us both to relax.






I went for acupuncture every month during my second trimester to help me relax, aid my digestion, relieve back tension and keep baby calm and happy. Going to Dee ticked all those boxes and much more. 


I really felt like going to see her was my little escape away from the outside world. It was a precious time to focus on me and my baby, a haven where I could talk and be really listened to, where I could completely allow myself to let go on her table and let the needles do their best. In my third trimester and more towards the end of my pregnancy, I was going to Dee to help prepare my body and mind for labour and again I felt that Dee was really there for me in every sense of the word. I was feeling quite anxious, exhausted, fed up and completely sleep deprived as I was two weeks overdue.


The weekly treatments I received then were a must to help keep me balanced, focused and centered, enabling me to sleep more soundly than any other night of the week. As a result I went into labour with much more of an open mind and a relaxed, calmer body. I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy six months ago and I would recommend acupuncture with Dee to everyone, whether you are expecting a baby or not.